My name is Sandra Nobre and I'm a Swedish living and working in Southwest of Portugal. My endeavor is to elevate moments and things in life and turn them into painted masterpieces. I'm utilizing the canvas like a pedestal and the idea is to present them as something special, beautiful and noble no matter the context. As life journeys through a variety of phases, chapters or encounters, along follows my art, capturing scenes and the essence of human experiences and transforming them into artistic expressions.

"I want to assure to my collectors that when buying an original painting from me, they will receive something unique, heartfelt, and filled with the essence of my creative journey. Where every inch of the painting, every brush stroke, is a testament to my dedication, craftsmanship, and commitment to delivering not just art, but a tangible piece of quality and value that resonates with not only the soul of myself but the soul of the collector."