Sandra Nobre is a Swedish artist born 1987, living and working in Southwest of Portugal. Her artistic essence lies in the portrayal of life's intricate mosaic. As life journeys through a variety of phases and chapters, so does her art. Weaving them together into a tapestry of exquisite beauty, Nobre's mission is to present life as a masterpiece, using the canvas as a pedestal to honor its delicate preciousness.

Formerly known as Kan Dee - Nobre formed her own clothing brand where she personally printed her own artwork on t-shirts. Her designs swiftly garnered widespread acclaim, attracting the attention of numerous celebrities who proudly sported her attire. In 2008, Nobre won a major design contest arranged by the renowned clothing brand LINDEX. Her winning design was created with the purpose of raising funds to support Pink Ribbon and breast cancer research. Alongside Swedish host Renée Nyberg and model Emma Sjöberg, Nobre got invited to attend The Pink Ribbon Gala.

"I want to assure to my collectors that when buying an original painting from me, they will receive something unique, heartfelt, and filled with the essence of my creative journey. Where every inch of the painting, every brush stroke, is a testament to my dedication, craftsmanship, and commitment to delivering not just art, but a tangible piece of quality and value that resonates with not only the soul of myself but the soul of the collector."