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"In a mind that is always telling stories, Sandra can get serenity by transmitting that vividness into her painting."

Sandras art takes you on a journey on self-perception and a pilgrimage search for that inner gold and serenity. A metaphysical introspection blended with vivid dreams & storytelling in a liberation to keep that inner child alive.

Predominantly featuring women, the figures in Sandras paintings are often mythology inspired, embraced by a regal atmosphere with tropical elements and emblems from the Mediterranean & Middle Eastern culture.

Once started painting with acrylics on canvases back in 2014, after drawing solely with charcoal since childhood, Sandra found that it was giving much more room for experimenting with different techniques, as working with many layers and exploring with colors. In this way, Sandra could study her art and the final pieces with more depth and interpretation.

Sandra is living and working in Sweden where she has also set up her art-studio.